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Theme: Wisdom

Anchor scriptures: Proverbs 1&2 TPT

1. Fill the atmosphere with the incense of your gratitude. Call to remembrance God's faithfulness to you in 2022. If you have them documented, this is a good time to intentionally go over all the ways He came through for you.

Read Psalm 66 and Psalm 98.

2. Ask that the blood of Jesus will purify your heart. Ask for His mercy in any way you are falling short.

Read Heb 9:11-15, 1 John 1:7-10, Eph 1:7-10.

3. Lord heighten my sensitivity to your Spirit.

Let no relevant information meant for me bypass me.

Grant me a discerning heart.

Read 1 Kings 3:9, Prov 20:12, Matt 13:9-16

4. Cleanse my sight – that my eyes will be opened and my ears will be unstopped.

Read Isaiah 35:5-8, Rev 3:18, Gen 21:19

5. Tongue - I know when to speak, what to speak. Those who have answers to my next level will not be restrained from me or hold back the information I require for my next level.

Read Isaiah 6:5, Eph 4:29

6. Purge and sanctify my relationships.

Order my steps so that I will always be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people.

Read Prov 1:3 TPT, Prov 1:10-15 TPT, Prov 13:20

7. Sanctify my sleep. I wake up daily with instructions, strategies, insights, directions, solutions and clarity.

Read Psalm 16:7 TPT, NLT, AMPC

8. These 21 days become a mountain of encounter for me.

I will experience God like never before as I set my heart and affection on Him.

BH 21 Days Fasting Wk 1 Prayer Guide 2023
Download PDF • 55KB


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