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Believers House 2023 Confessions (Abridged Version)

In the name of Jesus Christ, I stand here with gratitude to God at the end of 2023 declaring that this has been the easiest year of my life so far.

I applied my heart to wisdom in 2023 concerning all my affairs, and through this supernatural intelligence of God, I was empowered to reign in life. I excelled in every relationship within my life and my relationship with God flourished by the Spirit.

I acquired great skill and received even greater understanding of my design and destiny, taking me further on the journey of purpose. In all matters of wisdom and understanding I was found to be ten times better than my peers. God gave me knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and I was even considered smarter than my instructors.

I crossed the threshold of true knowledge in 2023, because I lived in obedient devotion to God. I did not scorn wisdom and knowledge that God sent my way through various channels, therefore I received insights that brought me great success in every area of my life. Whenever I found myself in any difficult situation in 2023, I clearly heard the voice of wisdom behind me saying, this is the way to go, walk in it. I was not confused about anything and I received help every where I turned.

I put my trust in the Lord with all my heart this year, I did not lean on my own understanding concerning anything, therefore wisdom ensured that I acknowledged the Lord in all my ways, and He clearly directed my path; to provision, to help, to health, to prosperity, to increase, to promotion, to surplus, and to my wealthy place.

The instructions I received from the word of God gave me an edge over my contemporaries in 2023 and my enemies stood no chance against me. Through wisdom, I was able to watch my steps, avoiding ditches, pit falls and traps of the enemy as I journeyed through the year successfully.

I look forward to the year 2024 with even greater joy because I know that the path of the just is as a shining light, that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.

BH 2023 Confessions ABRIDGED VERSION
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