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1. Bless the Lord for His grace for the journey so far. Thank Him for visitations, instructions, guidance, insights, encounters, and healing.

Read Psalm 100:4, Psalm 95:2, Psalm 96:2

2. Declare that you receive grace to live in obedient devotion and consecration to God; and to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Read Psalm 27:4, Proverbs 1:7 TPT

3. Declare that you enjoy God’s benefits, favour and mercy on a daily basis.

Read Psalm 68:19, Lam 3:22-23, Psalm 84:11

4. Declare that God’s favour marks your life, family, ministry, career and all that concerns you. His beauty rests on you and He has established the works of your hands.

Read Psalm 102:13-14, Psalm 90:17

5. Declare that you receive grace to dwell in God’s presence and therefore, you abide under His shadow. Declare you are preserved from all harm as you make Him your hiding place.

Read Psalm 91, Prov 18:10

6. Ask for God’s wisdom to make wise decisions this year that will keep you in constant alignment and covenant covering. Declare that you do not scorn wisdom the Lord will be sending you through His word, books, godly teachers, mentors etc.

Read Prov 1:8-9 Isa 30:20-21

7. Ask the Lord to fill you with extraordinary wisdom to solve enigmas and riddles of life. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the enigmas that you have been equipped to solve. Declare that you discern a field with treasures, and you buy it up through the solutions that come from you.

Read Dan 5:12-16, Eph 1:18-21

BH 21 Days Fasting Week 2 Prayer Guide
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